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Meet Dr. Dena Granger-Turner, D.C.

Dr Granger-Turner photoChiropractor. Founder. Businesswoman. Visionary.

Dr. Dena Granger-Turner has a passion for health care that leads her to break glass ceilings as fast as she can find them. She always wanted to be a doctor so she could help others. While pursuing her undergrad at Alabama A&M University, she discovered her calling when shadowing a chiropractor in Memphis.

Dr. Turner graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2011, then studied chiropractic care at Life University. She came to Memphis to spend three years working for the same chiropractor she had shadowed under in college, since she was inspired by his approach to corrective and wellness care.


Helping Chiropractors So They Can Help You

In 2016, Dr. Turner launched her own practice at The Chiro Place, driven by the need to help more of her community with natural health care. Starting out as a female chiropractor in a mostly male career field was an uphill battle, but Dr. Turner gained respect as she proved her ability to help restore patients’ health. The challenges were worth it because she knew she was both helping patients and creating a lane for other women chiropractors to follow behind her.

Within five years, she expanded from one clinic to four, hiring five other women chiropractors with the same strength of character and commitment to greatness. She sacrificed to support her clinics, pouring everything she made back into the practice. By taking care of the business end, she freed up her chiropractors to focus on what we’re all here for: caring for patients and changing lives.

Inspired by Family

In the future, Dr. Turner dreams of bringing The Chiro Place to other states so her unique approach to chiropractic care can benefit more communities. Her biggest vision, however, is right here at home: nothing matters more to her than creating memories with her husband and baby daughter.

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